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State of the Desk: A newsletter.
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Sponge: Things I absorbed from creative works, including but not limited to: written fiction and nonfiction, audiovisuals such as movies and TV series, music, and life itself.

There are audio & written entries.
A blog. “State of the Desk” lite but more frequent.


Imaginarium Kim Store
For ebooks of Pure Fiction and other things.
Imaginarium Kim Vault
For online reading of Pure Fiction stuff.

*Pure Fiction stories are also on these and many other external platforms:

Or ask your librarian to add my books to the library catalog. Some examples of library services through which my books are available are:

  • Overdrive
  • Bibliotheca
  • Baker & Taylor
  • BorrowBox

Note: I do not sell on Amazon. If you see any “live” ebooks on that platform, they aren’t from me. They are illegal uploads. (There may be some used paperback versions. These may or may not be legal.)

The latest

A note on the tools I use

I dream of a world where people who create can actually create and get paid without succumbing to the tyranny of bullshittery. The day I die, I want to know that I at least tried to help make that world real. Thus, I enjoy using Coil‘s Web Monetization on my sites, whenever possible.

I also use Plausible for analytics; Payhip for the digital store; for blogging; Buttondown for the newsletter; and WordPress for all other sites.

State of the Desk Ithaka O.

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